Untangling the chords of your printer and placing the connections everyday is a tedious task for everyone. This is why - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi printers have taken the centrestage today.

While both of them have their in-built features and benefits, this post highlights the pros and cons of the two printers. After reading, you can will have a fair understanding about the type of printer you want.

bluetooth printer price

A Wi-Fi printer can print directly from a Wi-Fi network without the need for a cable or a cord to connect the two physically whereas Bluetooth is simply a wireless technology that allows two or more electronics like computers or say, a phone and an earpiece, to communicate without wires.
Having the ease of connectivity and mobility are the two primary objectives of every buyer. Hence, we need to check out the connectivity options in both the printers.

Placing a Wi-Fi printer anywhere within your office or home is not a concern anymore as it is centrally connected! Also, you have the option of connecting multiple computers to a single Wi-Fi printer. On the other hand, a Bluetooth printer works on a specific bandwidth and works within a limited range. These printers are available in two classes wherein one works within thirty-three feet while other has a radius of three hundred feet. Creating a PAN (personal-area-network), you just need to be within the range.

Who doesn't want to be economical these days? Wireless printer caters to maximum people without being physically close to the printer. This ultimately saves a big chunk of money as you don't need to buy multiple printers.

However, if your job requires you to sit at one place the whole day, then opting a Bluetooth is a feasible investment. On the other hand, Bluetooth is a bit less complicated as there's no need to set up wireless connectivity as such. While in a Bluetooth, you require an adapter in case it's not installed with a Bluetooth transceiver, for Wi-Fi printer, you need a router.

The key factor is the price range of both the products:

The thermal printer price varies from INR 2,500-25,000 as per quality, model and features while the Wi-Fi printer varies in price from INR 10,000-1,00,000 which is costlier as its features are more advanced and friendly compared to Bluetooth printer price.

What can be concluded is- Bluetooth printers are easy to use without any network security with just a USB and is affordable in the long run for the common class of people and Wi-Fi printers are technology-friendly as well as advanced for office conditions but becomes little costly when it comes to buying a durable and quality printer purchased for short run unless bought for long run. So users can choose as per their requirement and affordability.

Be it a Bluetooth enabled or a Wi-Fi printer, every printer has its distinct features. So decide what your need is and buy a printer of your choice today.