Technology and the internet have redefined the face of retail business. However, any business (small or big) needs a POS system so that one can conduct the sale of physical goods.  In any store, POS software is used to checkout, process orders, and pay bills. With the increase in the internet and world being more connected and broader with respect to the increasing global market, more and more retail stores are sprouting in large numbers. POS terminals and the thermal printer have now become an integral part of every store and while most of the retailers prefer to buy it in a store some are looking to buy POS terminal online. However, the question that arises here is if there is a price difference and if the thermal printer's price is different online and offline. Let us further dig into the blog to know the difference.
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Buy POS Terminal in India
A POS terminal is aligned with the POS software that is usually cloud-based.  Due to its efficiency to use cloud technology the data being stored in this POS can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. However, there is no need for a professional IT guy to help one access to these data. While this feature comes embedded in every POS terminal, the POS vendors (both conventional and online) determine the cost looking at the below-mentioned factors.
  • Size of your business:  This category includes an analysis of how many products are being sold. 
  • The features one needs in their POS: Here, a POS vendor will evaluate the needs of their customers and the extra features needed (advanced technology).
  • The industry one is in: The advancements in technology have reached everywhere and undoubtedly even in POS. Here, the cost of a POS depends on the demand of the industry and the feature a POS will have.

Hence, the cost of POS software can vary from one business to another and from one vendor to another. While buying POS software and buying a pos terminal online or through a vendor won't have any major differences in thermal printer price and pos terminal price, it is always advisory to look into the features in detail.

Alternatively, POS hardware is more convenient and easy-to-use for retailers. Here, one can buy a device and use it forever, once the POS software is installed. Tablets, iPads, monitors, card readers, thermal printers, or receipt printers, bar code scanners are some of the devices wherein the POS software can be installed.

The POS hardware costs can vary a lot depending on the needs of the retailer. For instance, if a small business owner with just one or two employees may only need to buy a few iPads, while a mid-size retailer might need two or more monitors, three receipt printers and scanners. The costs of the devices may also vary depending on the specific needs of the industry. For example, a restaurateur might want to keep and extra iPad for any emergency cases. When compared with the POS software, it is more safe and advisable to buy these devices online. 

Now Buying a POS terminal online(devices) is an easy task due to the presence of an abundance of e-commerce websites. However, the price of these devices can vary from one e-commerce website to another and with a plethora of options available one can always find a profitable and cheap deal.