With an abundance of retail and restaurant businesses in India, ever wondered what is the one element that results in the success of these businesses? The common answer would be - seamless operations and integration between departments. From customer management to inventory and sales, having an efficient Point of Sale (POS) is the ultimate armor for every successful business.

Analyzing the complexity of retail and restaurant businesses, undoubtedly a POS serves as a central component.  However, a lot of businesses are unaware of the potentials of POS and the single-store retailers constitute a majority of them. This post brings out the finer benefits of Terminal POS and highlights the key features that make it so imperative. Last, but not the least, the different buying options, especially how to buy a POS terminal online and thermal printer price in India.

A terminal POS is a software or hardware-based system that offers additional peripherals including receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. Having a plethora of in-built systems, terminal POS are ideally suited for retail and restaurant businesses.

Exclusive benefits are listed below:

  • Inventory & stock management
  • Customer relationship
  • Billing & order processing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Employee management
  • Sales & reporting

Having a glimpse of the benefits, it has to be noted that what works for a cyber cafe, will not be the same for a grocery shop. Even POS systems are not capable enough to cater to every need. Let's go deeper and understand how a restaurant POS differs from a retail POS.

Restaurant POS

As a restaurant business is customer-facing, it becomes more crucial to be at the forefront to manage the daily activities of the business. A competent restaurant POS acts as the medium of communication between the staff and the kitchen. As the kitchen printer receives the orders placed on the computer within seconds, it makes it easy for operators. From popular menus to food usage and payroll, a terminal POS in a restaurant is nothing less than a boon.  To increase the productivity in restaurant business buying thermal printer price in India at best quality. Additionally, it can also figure out the P&L statement and going a step further, can calculate the sales tax too. Specifically, a restaurant POS comes with below features:

  • Inventory
  • Table management
  • Accepting payments table-side
  • Receiving orders

Retail POS

First and foremost, it has to be robust. Multi-tasking of retail POS plays a pivotal role as the system needs to update the users about the incomings and the outgoings, at one go. If you have a multi-store, it becomes more crucial as a robust buy pos terminal online or offline that can manage everything in a jiffy. Be it a software or an online-based system, the key is that a reliable system helps to generate profitable business for the long-term. Exclusive pointers for a retail POS can be:

  • Inventory
  • Book-keeping
  • Multi-store
  • Reporting
  • Purchase
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POS Machine In India
With such countless benefits, it's always advisable to buy POS terminal online and you can also check thermal printer price in India to get the best out of your business.