Label printing machines have made the manufactures’ work easy and simplified. There is the elimination of repeated and tedious manual work of designing labels to matter and then printing ad keeping all the track of the labels and the series. So, as a manager or store owner, you need to maintain the utter level of efficiency. However, choosing the portable thermal printer is no so simple. Peddletech Solutions, in this article, want to educate the business owners about the thermal printers with top 11 portable thermal printers and their functionality:

1. RUGTEK Thermal Receipt Printer RP-327:
This type of printer supports any language and has the media sensor and also giving an intimation if paper-out detection function. The best for industries- White Goods, Food & Beverage, telecom, jewellery, Department store, Supermarket, flower shops.

2. RUGTEK RP-76 III 3″ Impact Receipt Printer (Dot Matrix):
In this type of thermal printer, the employee can connect the printer with USB, Optional Bluetooth, WiFi interface. It also has a media sensor for continuous Receipt, Label Gap & Black Mark Sensor. This is best for industries such as Service restaurant, multiplex ticketing, Food delivery, and lottery, utility transport ticketing and retail shops.

3. Rugtek Receipt Printer RP-80 USE:
In this type of thermal printer, the interface can be connected with the USB cable. It is mostly used in industries such as Retail, Cafes, Grocery, ticketing and kiosks.

4. Rugtek Receipt Printer RP80-V:
Get a high-value performance brand at an affordable price. The thermal printer that supports any language available in both version- portable and non-portable one and the interface can be accessed with the default USB cable and optional USB+ serial + Ethernet. A media type that this printer has receipt printer, multiplex ticketing and linerless label printing. It can be used in industries such as Service Restaurant, Parking lot, multiplex ticketing, Food delivery, Lottery and visitor management.

5. Rugtek Receipt Printer RP80:
In this thermal printer, the interface is accessed with Serial, Ethernet, USB cable. Applicable in industries such as Retail, Cafes, Grocery, ticketing and kiosks.

6. Rugtek Receipt Printer RP327:
This printer model is also a thermal printer with interfacing printing command is OS Support Default USB Optional USB +Serial+ Ethernet. It also supports any language. This printer is mostly used in industries such as- White Goods, Food & Beverage, telecom, jewellery, Department store, Supermarket, flower shops.

7. Posiflex PP9000 Thermal Printer- AURA-9000:
Operates in harsh condition, durable, designed curvy surface for the stylish look. With the features like Spill and dust -resistant and user-friendly with WIFI support and wall mount solution for flexibledeployment. This also has a reminder function of enhanced capability with the kitchen bell.Supports QR Code printing too.

8. Posiflex PP8800 Thermal Printer
This printer offers high-resolution printing in competitive cost with the multi-interface capacity of Default USB interface+ an optional serial + parallel or LAN or Wireless modular kit. It is also designed with a curvy surface for the stylish look. Supports QR Code printing too. Compact size, lightweight and wall mount solution for flexible deployment.

9. Bixolon SPP-R210 2 Inch Mobile Printer
This is industries lightest and smallest mobile thermal printer. With seamless mobility, this is ideal for using devices such as smartphones, iPhone, iPads, and android including versatile connectivity support, Fieldwork optimization and outstanding performance.

10. Retail-Pos II :
With high reliability, this thermal printer is durable and cost efficient. It is user-friendly, easy ticketing and supports QR code. It has a triple and dual interface and has the capability of paper-saving mode, reducing the length of receipt upto 25%.

11. Retail-Pos 100 :
Small and distinctive in size with full of functionalities. It has a triple interface standard- Serial, USB and Ethernet. Reduces energy and cost efficient, offering jam free technology.

Retail POS 100
Retail-POS 100
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