With each passing day, the point-of-sale (pos) system is capturing the restaurant and hospitality segment with its full pace. With the extensive volume of cash as well as credit/debit cards joining the foray, this pos system has become the need of the hour. From tracking every penny of sales functionalities to credit/debit card processing flow across the restaurants, it is acting as a major catalyst in transforming the Indian economy like never before.

In today’s digital age, a pos machine system is creating a win-win situation for both the businesses and the customers in the longer run. It is placing its best foot forward in driving the nation towards a better financial future. Let’s go on a journey showcasing the pros and cons of using restaurants pos systems. 
The Pros
‘Changing technology’ is the name of the game, and embracing these tech-enabled advancements alongside holding onto the paying audience is not an easy task. And this is where a POS terminal in India steps in and successfully outshine the traditional systems. Here are a few advantages that restaurants pos systems provide.

A restaurant pos system is much robust than conventional systems. It successfully delivers solutions businesses need to process transactions including syncing in-person and online transaction, mobile credit/debit card processing, customer record maintenance. It brings in a conversant platform on a handheld device. It is an ideal system for generating accurate business reports, effective discount and loyalty programs, easy tracking of inventory, automatic analysis, etc.   
In an era of mobile devices, customers are likely to witness a more comfortable interaction with a pos machine system. Integrating this business model, existing and budding ventures are now going customer-centric thereby streamlining the sales operations. With intuitive payment interface, the users will get an unmatched dining experience.

The Cons
The use of restaurant pos system and pos terminal in India is growing at a faster rate. However, there are quite a few issues that are not completely addressed. Whether a small or large-scale business, it is always necessary to consider some downsides to be ahead of all.

Risks Associated to Security
A restaurant pos system connects the registers to a central framework. This connectivity brings in own set of security risks. It’s all about keeping the system updated – an inappropriate update can lead to a severe security breach that can cause major damage. These security breaches can leak highly confidential and sensitive information such as credit/debit card numbers, bank account info, etc. that can majorly affect the reputation of a business organization. Additionally, theft of such personal information can put the core authorities at a financial and legal risk.

Other Disadvantages
·The slow internet connection can prove to be problematic
·Possibly there would be a need to buy a pos hardware
·Restaurants pos systems could not be that cost-effective

So, it’s necessary to carefully analyse and asses your purchase potential, needs, and objectives before leveraging a pos machine system. Time and money are the major constraints, but, increasing the productivity and enhancing client engagements in the longer run is more important than anything else on the list.