Thermal printing continues to grow drastically. Retailers all over the country are using thermal printers which enables them to ensure a more efficient point-of-sale. Using thermal printers are more cost-effective, and reliable for grocery stores and retailers. Printing receipts, shipping labels, price tags, ID badges, are some of the other functions, wherein a thermal printer is needed.
The chatter of globalization at every diplomatic enclave has demanded a rise of customer-based service providers; hence, there would be dire need of more and more retailers. With technology at the pinnacle of every business operation, it is evident that the need for thermal printers too is very high.

Epson, RUGTEK. POSIFLEX, RETAIL-POS, and BIXOLON are some of the leading companies in India that develop the best thermal printers. The pos terminal price, both online and offline is not much different. Hence, if you are a retailer (or you someone looking to buy one)  there isn't much difference in price while buying directly or online. However, there are few things you have look into your printer before going to buy a thermal printer price online or from a shop.

Thermal printer price
First things first, before planning to buy thermal printer online, or from shop make sure that you the daily print value of it.  Checking the number of labels you will be printing (on average) per day is very necessary. Make sure that the limit does not exceed as it might damage the head of the printer and in the process of reducing the quality of the print.

It goes without saying that the pos terminal price varies from one brand to another, be it online or not. However, what one can consider here is the type of thermal technology you are looking for in your thermal printer. Broadly, there are two types as mentioned below:

Thermal Direct printing: This is a digital printing process that strategically produces the print by heating special thermal paper. The final product is later as passed over to the thermal print head.

Thermal Transfer technology is the second type of thermal technology. It uses a heat-sensitive carbon ribbon, instead of a heat-sensitive paper but, also uses a thermal print head. The ribbon present on it melts on to the label which later forms the text or image. This technology is tougher in nature, hence the chances of having a scratch or fade is very minimal

The next important point to be taken into consideration before buying a thermal printer is its resolution. The resolution for thermal label printing is measured in Dots Per Square- Inch. This resolution decides a professional, fine and clear touch to your print. The industry resolution of the thermal printer is nearly 203 dpi/8 dots per mm. However, it differs from one thermal printer to another, just like pos terminal price.

Reading details thoroughly before deciding to thermal printer online is very important. The numerous e-commerce website has plenty of thermal printers, but picking one that suits your business, needs and technology are more important. Even for someone buying offline, knowing about your thermal printer is important.