Printing can be fatigue and time consuming a task, especially If you have to print in large numbers. What if you were to ink every paper you print? It sounds like a never-ending story. How about replacing the paper to one that holds the print for long? Thermal paper rolls and printers have answers to your troubled thoughts.

Thermal receipt printers use two separate technologies-the direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Both use heat for printing purposes. The only difference being in their printing technology. The prior use of a chemical treated print head to print images on paper while the latter uses ink, toner or ribbons for printing. The affordability in the thermal printer price has changed the face of the printing industry.

Thermal printer roll is a paper with a special coating material for inkless printing. When heat is applied to the paper coating clear and dark images are formed on paper. The thermal paper roll width varies as per their use. Normal thermal printer roll varies from 2 .1/4th to 3.1/8th inches. The credit card terminals use 57 mm wide rolls while the receipt printers use 80 mm width ones.

Thermal Receipt Printer

Looks interesting and fascinating? Here are reasons why you should go for it !

  • The thermal receipt printers have made printing fast and easier. It is compact and is transferable from one place to another. It occupies less space.
  • Printing on thermal paper is faster and produces sharp images. Because of the versatility, industries preferred to print using thermal printing technology.

  • The print on thermal paper is accurate and sharp compared to ink. The quality of printing is far superior to paper and is used by various applications as it is easy to align the print on this paper.

  • As there is no smudging of ink the print is legible and accurate. It is used in ticketing, ATM receipt printing, POS thermal receipt printers and many more.

  • Specialised sectors like healthcare use thermal printing for accurate, sharp and clear images. Thermal rolls are used in precise and technical printouts. Like electrocardiograms, prescriptions, and ultrasound scan prints.

  • The thermal paper is of high quality hence prints last longer for days, years or even decades. Thermal printer rolls are easier to load due to the technology used in the thermal printer. The thermal printing roll price is inexpensive. Many chemical suppliers are offering discounted rates across the country.

  • Thermal paper roll prices are inexpensive and available globally by various thermal distributors. They are cost-effective for organizations or applications in use. Adjust temperature levels and print more colours.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Thermal receipt printers print images from the heated printer head faster. It can print images in milliseconds. This speed calls for fast label printing applications.            
  • As the technology uses heat for printing the only spend is on the thermal paper rolls.There is no use of ink, ribbon or toner. The thermal printer price is low to other printer types. As there are few moving parts and simple few parts might need replacements. It is a low-cost printer and runs for a longer duration.

  • Thermal printers are noise-free. High variants ones print in utter silence. Thermal paper rolls recyclable, environmental-friendly, and reusable.

  • Thermal receipt printers and thermal paper rolls together have revolutionized the printing and the paper world.